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Banjos in stock

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Things have been pretty busy in the Griffin workshop over the last few months and several banjos have recently been delivered to their new owners.
The lovely English hardwoods used on some of these banjos have been a great success in every way.  The apple wood, just about as dense as rock maple, has interesting streaks of light and dark in it which show up to great effect on the rims in particular, and the field maple, also very hard, is a beautiful creamy white in colour with occasional dark marks in it which add extra character.   The tone of both these leaves nothing to be desired either.
Currently on the stocks are -- a 12 inch open-back of mahogany salvaged from a 100 year old snooker table, with a titanium Whyte Laydie tone ring and shoe band,  and a custom open-back in black walnut with brass tone ring, both nearly completed.   Waiting to be worked on are a custom model based on a Bacon internal resonator design, and an order from a well known music shop for a walnut open-back with a Bacon tone ring and a bracket shoe band.   Finished models may be found in due course on the Gallery  page.
Models currently in stock may be seen below.

GB  188, The 'Sphinx', cast Tubaphone tonering, English field maple and ebony.

Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188

GB  181,  'Ariel',  10 inch 'A' scale,
brass tone ring, maple   £1325

Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181

Enquiries for custom banjos or about upcoming stock are always welcome.


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